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Decentralized Art Experiences

Powerline Gallery is a decentralized art gallery, meaning the art is meant to be found, with locations and timeframes changing regularly.


Power poles were chosen as the structure to support the artworks because they are familiar outdoor public surfaces with easy access. Always free to view, anyone can visit the galleries any time, there are no barriers to experience the art.


What began as an idea and a way to stay connected during the pandemic has endured and evolved. We started by"Liberating Isolation Art" and now offer "Decentralized Art Experiences."


Check out our workshops & events which also happen at different public locations.


Reflecting on the experience of living in a region defined by its landscape, two artists share their perspectives on what it means to live, work and sometimes thrive within the confines of two rivers. A selection of work from the project is displayed on the home page.



We believe that art is for everyone. Our workshops are inclusive, fun, positive experiences. 

Upcoming workshops and drop in events will be posted as they become available.



Unique pieces of art will be offered for sale soon. Please check back for updates. 

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